Welcome to Student Forum UC

Spokesman for the students that are taking a medium higher education.

What we can?

The following are just parts of what we can cooperate about

Support for student councils

In Student Forum UC we have extensive experience with starting up new student councils as well as how to recruit new volunteers and make the student council sustainable.

Presentation and Visit

Quite free, we would really like to visit all interested parties to hold a presentation and meet with those interested. Please send us an email and we'll find out something.

Exchange of experience

All Danish university colleges have their own way of doing things, and the same applies to the respective student councils. When the student councils meet across it gives a lot of good, unique ideas. Together we stand stronger.

Support and improve student terms

We spend a lot of time studying student terms. Through the expressions from the students we in Student Forum UC are inspired to dig deeper into matters that make the student life difficult. It’s nice to study and it should stay like that.

About Us

The national student council at the university colleges of Denmark

About us

The educations of the university colleges of Denmark are both practical and theoretical. We the students are theoretically strong and have our feet solidly planted in practice. We are a part of the labor market from day one. We are both in the classroom and in the staff room. We know what is happening among the students, but also among our future colleagues. We see it as our finest task in Student Forum UC to support our student’s professional pride – both internally and externally. We are a major part of the foundation of the Danish welfare society and by fighting for qualified educations we are fighting for a good foundation.


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Our Members

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